• Time passes, but impressions remain. This is a record of impressions. To be honest I just typed that because it sounded profound. Mostly this blog is about making notes on things that would normally pass you by, and to have fun doing it.

book review: the fry chronicles

It’s easy to convince ourselves that the people we admire were born ready for success. Barack Obama delivered audacious speeches, inspiring his fellow tots to hope for better mashed potatoes in pre school.  Meryl Streep takes on a character as effortlessly as that one jacket in your wardrobe picks up lint. Stephen Fry merely has … Continue reading

writing style.

Last October I made a pledge not to wear jeans. Why? My friend told me it was hard to define my style because I was always in skinnys. (Hey, if you ever read this, don’t think I was offended. I appreciate the honesty!) Yes, some people give up meat to live more sustainable lifestyles. I … Continue reading

thursday (the happy pill edition)

I haven’t done a Things I Love Thursday for a while, which just means I have a build up of awesome things to be grateful for this week! Are you a Harry Potter fan? OF COURSE YOU ARE. Go to this JKR’s site and type in 62442 into the mobile phone in the top left hand … Continue reading

movie review: the social network (part 2)

I have a theory to explain Facebook’s meteoric success. Facebook was built for university students. Uni students procrastinate. Uni students love networking. Uni students love to procrastinate and network on Facebook.  Yeah, it’s a simple theory, but simplicity is an easy recipe for success. I got a little bit cocky when I was writing part … Continue reading

past time

The month is March and it happened without my approval. Where did February go? I miss you! But more than moaning about time passing, I thought I’d tell you about a favourite past time of mine. You probably do it too. I roam the internet with a critical eye. Any time a phrase, a song, … Continue reading

identity crisis

So I’ve been emailing this lovely lady I’ve never met- on TOP SECRET ARRANGEMENTS for my 21st party. Ok they’re not top secret, but I’ve gotta get my kicks somehow. ANYWAY we’ve been having a lovely conversation- she’s very helpful and very partial to replying at early hours of the morning, so I feel like … Continue reading

movie review: black swan

Warning: SPOILERS GALORE!  (Though not so many if you’ve figured out the general storyline would mirror Swan Lake.) Black Swan raised some massive questions for me. How does Natalie Portman contain SO much talent within such a tiny frame?  When is a scratch on the back actually a sign that you’ve got wings threatening to BREAK THROUGH … Continue reading


Man I love doing Things I Love Thursday! This week I’m loving… – the awesome people I work with -extended 21st celebrations with lots of cake (too much cake) – my awesome new fob watch – the return of summer scorchers – federer for being such a gentleman (please beat djokovic) – cranberries -carrots and … Continue reading

facebook obsession: part 1

Talking about Facebook is like talking about abortion- everyone, whether they use it or not, has an opinion about it.  To the steadfast few who remain outside the most famous social network- I think you may be onto a good thing.  Unfortunately for me, ever since I signed up in 2007 to keep in touch … Continue reading

Dear Class of 2011, from Kat Zhang

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m launching a guest post series, written by people who have self-started their own success story. Each person will be writing a letter to the high school leavers of 2011, a kind of ‘Things I wish I’d known when I left high school.’ Graduating high school is a time with so many … Continue reading